Safe Choice Program

Safe Choice Program

You face many risks in your plant, just by doing business. You must deliver a high-quality product that your customers can trust, while keeping your employees safe and steering clear of regulatory violations. To accomplish these goals, you must solve many challenges on a daily basis. With these challenges come choices.

At Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums, we understand your risks. Our team of experts is ready to tackle your cleaning challenges. In this world full of risk, we'd like to help you make the safe choice.

This is precisely why we're committed to being the Safe Choice. Through our Safe Choice Education program and commitment doctrine, we aim to help our customers and prospects make choices that will save time and money, keep OSHA happy, and most importantly, keep plants and workers safe.


Learn more about making the safe choice
with our Safe Choice Interactive Guide.

Download a copy of our Customer
Commitment Doctrine.

About Vacuums for Food Safety is your source for explosive dust and food safety hazard information. Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums is a world leader in explosive dust control, and their industrial vacuums have been helping companies improve their level of safety from explosive dust and food safety hazards for more than 100 years.

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